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2005-2009 SEAMLESS

SEAMLESS - System for Environmental and Agricultural Modelling, Linking European Science and Society

ID number of the project:

GOCE Contract No. 010036


European research program - 6 FP (Integrating and strengthening the ERA - Integrated project)

Duration of the project: 4 years

Start: January 2005 End: March 2009

Project leader:

Coordinator: Dr. Martin van Ittersum - Wageningen University, Costweg 50, Wageningen, 6700 HB, Netherlands


Institute of Landscape Ecology CZ, UZEI CZ, Danish Centre for Forest, Landscape and Planning Denmark, Cemagref France, CIRAD France, IAMM France, INRA France, National University of Ireland, Agricultural Research Council Italy, Joint Research Centre Italy, University of Bonn Germany, ZALF Germany, Alterra Netherlands, LEI Netherlands, Warsaw Agricultural University Poland, Lund University Sweden, University of Edinburg Great Britain

Responsible person:

Ing. Václav Voltr, CSc.

Other investigators:

Ing. Marie Trantinová, RNDr. Tomáš Ratinger, MSc., Ph.Dr.


The project is to develop an integrated operational framework and system models. This framework can be used to monitor the impact of alternative agricultural and environmental policies for sustainable development in Europe. Project SEAMLESS develop an integrated operational framework called SEAMLESS-IF. This system will include models to simulate impacts on the environment and the economy, the impact of agriculture on sustainable development including social impacts, and will be evaluated in different territorial units from the farm to the global perspective, enabling two-way analysis. To facilitate control of a combination of quantitative, biophysical and economic models and databases will be used in innovative software architecture, and these tools will be used after the completion of a research project.

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