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MACE - Modern Agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe:

Tools for the Analysis and Management of Rural Change

ID number of the project:

Contract No. MSCF-CT-2005-029522


European research program - 6FP

Duration of the project: 4 years

Start: April 2006, End: March 2010

Project leader:

Coordinator: IAMO Halle - Institute of Agriculture Development in Central and Eastern Europe, Germany

Investigator: IAMO Germany, ÚZEI Czech Republic, WU Polen, CUB Hungary, SUA Slovakia, BTUC Germany, ATB Germany, IAE Bulgaria, IAE Rumania, RSAU Russia, ATSAF Germany

Responsible person:

Ing. Václav Bašek, CSc.

Other investigators:

Doc. Ing. Tomáš Doucha, CSc., Mgr. Zdenka Cihelková


MACE seeks to enhance the capacity for agricultural research in the scientific community of the Central and Eastern European Countries and thus to contribute to managing the process of rural modernisation in these transition countries. The project entails a coherent series of conferences, summer schools, and training courses jointly organised with partners in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia and Slovakia. The series of events offers unique training opportunities for junior researchers who want to join an international network.

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