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eCOTOOL – eCOmpetences TOOLs

ID number of the project:

Agreement n. 2009-2198/001-001

Project number: 504614-LLP-1-2009-1-DE-LEONARDO-LMP, Development and Inovation Sponsor:

European Union – Leonardo da Vinci programme – DG Education and Culture


2 years

Start: December 2009, End: November 2011

Project leader:

Coordinator: Christian M. Stracke, UDE - University of Duisburg-Essen, Universitätsstraße 9(ICB), 45141 Essen, Germany


BIBB Germany, MAICh Greece, ELOT Greece, AgroKnow Greece, ÚZEI Czech Republic, KGZS Slovenia, ISFOl Italy, KION Italy, Bolton Great Britain

Responsible person:

Ing. Lenka Fišerová


The long-term objective is the development of a European skills and competence model that can be integrated in the existing European policies (namely Europass, EQF, EQAVET, ECTS, and ECVET) and adapted to all branches. All European policies are still lacking a standardized common skills and competence model. The overall objective of eCOTOOL is to improve the development, exchange, and maintenance of VET certificates and their accessibility and transparency by harmonizing Europass with other European instruments (EQF, ECVET) and e‐competences. This will increase the European mobility and transparency of VET systems.

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