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National projects and/or subsidy - year 2009

Project No.: 513/2009 OUK-OLK

Project title:

Cooperative production and use of a set of national authorities in ZPK - ÚZEI




1.1.2009 - 31.12.2009


Mgr. Soňa Poláková


Ing. Irena Kadeřábková

Timetable in 2009:

The project focuses on active collaboration on a cooperative project "Production and use of a set of national authorities. The main objective is to review, eliminating duplication in the accession registers of bibliographic databases and harmonizing ÚZEI header bibliographic databases with a set of national authorities. The project involved the creation of a file by creating the National Authority personnel and corporate authority records mainly from the agriculture and food industry. In 2009, continues to review access records in the database of the Czech Agricultural and Food Bibliography, eliminating duplication in the unification of similar names, identifying authors and corporations and linking records with the personnel and corporate authority records, which are taken from a set of national authorities. Will continue the harmonization of authority headings of bibliographic records with the central base of national authorities.

The benefit of this project is to facilitate and accelerate the process of cataloguing the documents, reducing errors in the minutes. Another benefit is easier to find information on the author's titles.

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