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National projects and/or subsidy - year 2009

Project No.: SP/2d3/155/08

Project title:

Optimization of organic farming and agri-selected with an emphasis on nature and landscape protection


Ministry of Environment

Name of the project:

Optimization of organic farming and agri-selected with an emphasis on nature and landscape protection


25.9.2008 - 31.12.2010


Ing. Jaroslav Pražan


Ing. Pavla Wollmuthová, Ing. Andrea Hrabalová, Ing. Pavel Kapler, Ph.D., Ing. Ivana Darmovzalová

Other organizations:

Bioinstitut, o. p. s. (main organizations), UP v Olomouci, VÚMOP, v. v. i.

Timetable in 2009:

The project focuses on issues of contemporary organic agriculture and agri-environment measures selected. The aim is to improve the system and strengthen the role of the agri measures for the protection of nature and landscape, especially on organic farms.

The project is in its experimental application of the proposed amendments focus on methods of organic farming and improvement of selected agri-environment beneficial to the protection of nature and landscape. It is expected that these measures will benefit the organic farmers. It turns out that under the Common Agricultural Policy will be supported in the future only proven measures affecting the environment. Results will be applicable even in conventional agriculture, particularly in protected areas.

In cooperation with Bioinstitut ops, Palacky University and Institute for Soil Research and Soil Conservation, will be examined causal links between the management of soil and its effects on biodiversity (in plants and animals), assessed farming in selected farms and then propose changes in management and agri-environmental measures. Research will be based on detailed analysis of the targeted sample of farms.

In 2008, the methodology developed for each part of the project, selected farms in the sample were carried out visits to farms to evaluate the existing farming systems and pre-assess the status of habitats, which are located on farms.

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