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National projects and/or subsidy - year 2009

Project No.: QH 72203

Project title:

Proposals for support of appropriate agricultural technologies and to provide identifiers for environmental assessment and retention capability of soil and landscape




1.1.2007 - 31.12.2010


Ing. Marie Trantinová


Ing. Tomáš Medonos, Ing. Jaroslav Pražan, Ing. Ivana Darmovzalová

Other organizations:

VUT Brno, VÚMOP, v. v. i.

Timetable in 2009:

Evaluation of economic effectiveness of soil conservation technologies, system performance compared with conventional technologies. The output in 2009 is the design of appropriate tools and procedures in relation to the EU Common Agricultural Policy. Design methodology for a condition survey of soil conservation technologies with an emphasis on erosion control measures. The results of the proposed project will be the technical advice, methodical instructions, a summary of views and approaches to anti-erosion measures and soil conservation technologies.

Outcomes will be published in articles in refereed journals and subscriptions to professional conferences in the proceedings of land consolidation.

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