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National projects and/or subsidy - year 2009

Project No.: 4/2 - 515/2009 OUK

Project title:

Restoration and protection of the historical library collection ZPK - ÚZEI




1.1.2009 - 31.12.2009


Mgr. Soňa Poláková


team of ZPK

Timetable in 2009:

The project is aimed at protecting historical library ÚZEI. The main objective of the project is the restoration and preservation of written monuments of rare, precious documents stored in protective packaging. The benefits of the project is also to produce high quality bibliographic records of rare and historic documents under library rules, AACR2 and ISBD MARC 21 format using the national authorities and the kind described by the Czech Agricultural Thesaurus Agrotera. Another benefit is the availability of information on the ownership of these documents, all interested professionals and the general public.

In 2009, the assessment of the selected part of the restoration of the historical collection perspective. It made special conservation/restoration of the book Georgica. Unterricht von Landgütern Adelicher Wirtschaft und auf dem Lande Wolfgang von Helmharda Hohberg. About 340 papers will be provided with custom-built protective covers on acid-free cardboard that slow progress of some degradation processes.

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