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Studies - year 2010

No. 103

Czech Agriculture Six Years after EU Accession

The research study presents the assessment, how the changes in the conditions after EU accession have influenced the development of Czech agriculture by 2009 and how they have been projected in its economy and competitiveness, particularly on the EU single market. First, macroeconomic, political and other conditions before and after EU accession are characterised and compared. The changes in agriculture are assessed from the point of view of farm structure, production factors (land, labour, capital) and economy of the sector and of individual farm categories. The changes on agrarian markets and also in trade relations are assessed by main commodities, including their profitability. In relations to environment and rural development, basic conditions that have led to the increase of multifunctionality of the Czech agriculture are assessed.

BAŠEK, V. et al. České zemědělství šest let po vstupu do Evropské unie.

(Czech Agriculture Six Years after EU Accession).

Research study. Praha: ÚZEI, 2010, 77 pp. ISBN 978-80-86671-81-9.

No. 102

Profitability of Agricultural Commodities

Economic-mathematical predictions

The goal of the research was to create a modeling apparatus on the base of the selective cost inquiry of agricultural commodities (inquiry NAKL) per years 1995-2009, that would enable to predicate the economic prosperity development of these commodities by the year 2014 on the basis of the supposed CAP scenarios and market prices. There was created the econometric model RENT-4 which should be used especially by the central decision level for economic analyses of possible future impacts of the CAP on the Czech agriculture. This study was created on the basis of the methodological study „Prediction of profitability of agricultural commodities by the year 2014" (certificate No. 30430/2010 17200). The study includes the methodological description and possibility of controlling the model RENT-4, using for profitability computations of the chosen agricultural commodities in division on 4 types of production regions. The study has the large annex with tables and graphs in which there are detailed presented results for 37 commodities of the plant and animal production.

FOLTÝN, I., ZEDNÍČKOVÁ, I. Rentabilita zemědělských komodit. Ekonomicko-matematické predikce.

(Profitability of Agricultural Commodities. Economic-mathematical predictions).

Research study. Praha: ÚZEI, 2010, 106 pp. + Appendices (CD). ISBN 978-80-86671-80-2.

No. 101

Costs of Agricultural Products in the CR in 2008

The study presents outcomes of a sample survey of the cost rate of agricultural products in 2008. The sample survey was based on improved methodology of cost and revenues calculation in the agriculture. Data of all outputs of crop and animal production and outputs of other production and activities were surveyed. In this study are included not only average costs for the whole set of respondents but also resultant costs by production regions.

POLÁČKOVÁ, J. et al. Nákladovost zemědělských výrobků v ČR za rok 2008.

(Cost of Agricultural Products in the CR in 2008).

Information study. Praha: ÚZEI, 2010, 45 pp. ISBN 978-80-86671-77-2.

No. 100

The Competitiveness of the CZ Food Industry

The study aims at problems of the competitiveness and the performance of the Czech food industry. Both these aspects are evaluated in the context of the domestic manufacturing sector and market as well as from the point of view of relationships to foreign trade, i.e. in context of European and world market.

This study, in the light of methodology, applies the economic model based on input-output analysis in CZ conditions. There are also used share indicators, i.e. share of food industry on manufacturing industry and industry as a whole. The competitiveness is evaluated according to RCA index. Most of the statistical data refer to the period 2000-2008, i.e. before and after the accession to the EU. In addition a special survey of investigating an insight into food entrepreneurial sector on the competitiveness was conducted.

The outcome of the study includes an evaluation of the situation in the macroeconomic environment that influenced the food sector of the input use and of the achieved output by this sector. The elaborated SWOT analysis indicates elements (strengths and opportunities) that could improve current stagnant or even decreasing competitiveness and performance of the sector. The study also suggests new directions for further research in this area and also development of the food sector on the field of performance and competitiveness.

PLÁŠIL, M., MEZERA, J. et al. Konkurenceschopnost potravinářského sektoru ČR.

(Competitiveness of the CZ Food Industry).

Research study. Praha: ÚZEI, 2010, 57 pp. ISBN 978-80-86671-76-5.

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