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National projects and/or subsidy - year 2010

QH 71016

Measuring and evaluating the performance of agricultural enterprises with regard to the principles of sustainability management

QH 72203

Proposals for support of appropriate agricultural technologies and to provide identifiers for environmental assessment and retention capability of soil and landscape

QH 72257

Evaluation of agricultural land resources, taking into account environmental


Optimization of organic farming and agri-selected with an emphasis on nature and landscape protection


Information campaign on the WHO 5 keys to safe food, hygienic handling of food and healthy nutrition

623/2010 OUK-OLK

Recataloguing Agricultural and Food Literature

624/2010 OUK-OLK

Cooperative production and use of a set of national authorities in ZPK - ÚZEI 2010


Setting the threshold of food security for the supply of the population in times of crisis and threat
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