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National projects and/or subsidy - year 2010

Project No.: QH 72203

Project title:

Proposals for support of appropriate agricultural technologies and to provide identifiers for environmental assessment and retention capability of soil and landscape




1.1.2007 - 31.12.2010


Ing. Marie Trantinová


Ing. Tomáš Medonos, Ing. Jaroslav Pražan

Other organizations:

VUT Brno, VÚMOP, v. v. i.

Timetable in 2010:

  • Continuation of measuring soil erosion on the ground in selected plots in the cadastral Šardice.
  • Final evaluation of the measured and calculated values obtained by volumetric quantification of erosion.
  • Measurement of infiltration properties of soils at selected locations in the greater number of repetitions.
  • Final synthesising the results.
  • Publication of outcomes in the peer-reviewed articles in scientific and professional journals and as a contribution to proceedings of professional conferences landscaping.
  • Conclusions from the project findings and recommendations in the current process conditions GAEC „Erosion“ due to půdoochranným technologies.
  • Completion passportization technology and anti-erosion measures in effect in transparent form for the user.
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