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National projects and/or subsidy - year 2011

Project No.: QH 72257

Project title:

Evaluation of agricultural land resources, taking into account environmental




1.5.2007 - 31.12.2011


Ing. Václav Voltr, CSc.


RNDr. Pavel Froněk, CSc., Ing. Marie Štolbová, CSc., Ing. Jakub Kučera, Ing. Milan Pizinger, Bc. M. Míčová

Other investigators:

Ing. Pavel Novák, CSc. (VÚMOP), prof. Ing. Ondřej Šařec, CSc. (ČZU v Praze),

Ing. Jan Leština, CSc. (VÚRV), doc. Ing. Eduard Pokorný, Ph.D. (Mendelova univerzita v Brně), Ing. Petr Míša, Ph.D. (Agrotest fyto, s. r. o.),

Ing. Ivo Hartman, Ph.D. (VÚP, s. r. o.)

Timetable in 2011:

Draft valuation yields of crops under BPEJ

Contents: Evaluation and verification of income for all crops evaluated according to the draft model corresponding to the soil-climatic units. Defining the relation to intensive crop factors and their standardization for assessing the cost-revenue relationship.

Economic evaluation of technological processes

Contents: Complete basis for economic evaluation of technologies based on the detailed identification of work operations and their suitability for crop production under soil-climatic conditions.

Memoirs of the project results

Description of project outputs. Compiled revenues and expenses for each crop, the evaluation context of yield formation, depending on soil and climatic conditions on the choice of technology and according to the impact on the environment. Proposal evaluation BPEJ.

Organize workshop on land evaluation.

The influence of agronomical practices on changes in selected parameters of quality / soil health

Complete evaluation of pedological characteristics of selected sites and compare them with the land under permanent supervision Agrotest-PP.

Numerical model evaluation of soil

Calibrated model evaluation of soil in the user environment for evaluating land prices based on price and production cost parameters.

Proposal evaluation BPEJ

The definition of value of trade under cost BPEJ yield relations and design awards BPEJ.

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