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National projects and/or subsidy - year 2011

Project No.: 2534/2011 SOLK

Project title:

Re-cataloguing of Agriculture and Food Literature


MK ČR (Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic)


12.1.2011 - 31.12.2011


Mgr. Soňa Poláková


Ing. Miroslava Junková, Ing. Radmila Karešová, CSc., Ing. Libuše Zárubová

Timetable in 2011:

The project aims to create high-quality bibliographic records never been electronically processed documents from the Agricultural and Food Library. The main objective is to facilitate and streamline the search records from 1926 to 1994 and allow searching by bibliographic data entries from the thesaurus file AGROTERM and national authorities. The benefit of this project is to provide readers with information on the lending status of the document and allow online ordering and booking titles. The lending service project will bring full integration of documents into the circulation system, i.e. it will allow borrowing via an electronic bar code and other related services. Created records will be accessible to other libraries for download through a standard Z39.50 protocol. In the year 2011 will be processed approximately 2700 records. It will continue the systematic processing of agricultural and food literature. Physical description of the documents will be conducted by temporary workers and factual description and the overall control and record will be conducted by the staff of ZPK ÚZEI. Quality and frequently requested documents will be re-catologized first. Processed records will be sent to the Cooperation of the union catalogue CZ.

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