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Studies - year 2011

No. 104

Czech Agrarian Foreign Trade Yearbook 2009

The study presents an analysis of Czech extra-EU and intra-EU trade development in 2009 as compared with the average for the period of 2005-08. Changes in the territorial and commodity structure of Czech agrarian trade are investigated, as well as the share of Czech agrarian foreign trade within the total Czech foreign trade, and the Czech position within the EU-27 foreign trade is reviewed. An analysis of competitiveness on the basis of RCA indexes is included as a new chapter in the Czech agrarian foreign trade yearbook. The sources of data are Czech Statistical Office and EUROSTAT.

POHLOVÁ, K. Ročenka agrárního zahraničního obchodu ČR za rok 2009.

(Czech Agrarian Foreign Trade Yearbook 2009).

Information study. Praha: ÚZEI, 2011, 66 pp. + Appendices. ISBN 978-80-86671-83-3

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