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Bulletin - year 2011


Structural and economic factors of the dairy industry in the CR

The bulletin deals with the structural and economic factors of the dairy industry in the CR. They are analysed the position in the structure of the food sector, its business structure and international comparisons and foreign trade, related to this branch.

Praha: ÚZEI, 2011, 22 p.

Mezera, J. Mejstříková, L. (August 2011)


Agrarian foreign trade in processed products

The extract from the OECD study dealing with changes in agrarian trade in processed products; complemented by chapter 3, concerning trade in processed products of the CR.

Praha: ÚZEI, 2011, 21 p.

Pohlová, K. (August 2011)


Support for risk management in agriculture - situation and perspectives after 2013

The bulletin compares the risk management schemes in the Czech Republic and other selected countries and tries to evaluate them and to outline some possibilities for its future development with a special focus on agricultural insurance. The system of agricultural insurance is usually considered as an important component of agricultural policy. Various approaches to agricultural insurance have been applied in the countries within the European Union. There are compulsory systems of agricultural insurance, various cooperation between the private and public sectors in agricultural insurance or reinsurance or solely on a private basis offered insurances. The differences in risk management for agriculture arise from the different natural conditions for agriculture in various European countries. The OECD divides agricultural risks into normal, marketable and catastrophic. State intervention is desirable in the case of catastrophic risk, justified in supporting the development of market of risks and counterproductive when attempting to limit impacts of normal risks. The subsidisation of agricultural insurance is required because of the higher risk in agriculture compared to other business sectors and by the necessity of maintaining rural viability and continuous agricultural production as well. Similar conditions of insurance protection are essential for the comparative competitiveness of agricultural producers from different countries.

Praha: ÚZEI, 2011, 25 p.

Špička, J., Vilhelm, V. (August 2011)


Analysis of effective and less efficient enterprises

Based on the results of the research project "Analysis and evaluation of the possibility of sustainable agriculture and rural areas in the CR in terms of the EU and the European model of agriculture".

Praha: ÚZEI, 2011, 28 p.

Boudný, J., Janotová, B., Medonos, T. (July 2011)


Development of the Czech agrarian foreign trade after the accession to the European Union (2005-2010)

Praha: ÚZEI, 2011, 32 p.

Pohlová, K., Kraus, J. (May 2011)


Current development of domestic market

Summarizes the results of the study "Shopping Monitor 2011" and "Yearbook of the Czech and Slovak Trade and Marketing 2010".

Praha: ÚZEI, 2011, 12 p.

Štiková, O. (April 2011)

03/2011 - 1st part

Results of research on the concept of multifunctional agriculture in the Czech Republic

Presents the results of the research project IAEI focused on aspects of multifunctional agriculture in the Czech Republic.

Praha: ÚZEI, 2011, 13 p.

Ratinger, T., Pražan, J. (March 2011)


The outcomes of the Austrian agriculture according to "Report on the state of agriculture" (selected sections)

Praha: ÚZEI, 2011, 23 p.

Kraus, J., Dyková, E. (February 2011)


Analysis of the territory designated as LFA according to individual criteria (justification of support)

It is based on the thematic task, prepared for the Ministry of Agriculture. The results of farms representing different types of LFA under the proposed European criteria are analysed.

Praha: ÚZEI, 2011, 19 p.

Štolbová. M. et al. (January 2011)

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