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Articles - year 2011

The approach of Czech farmers to soil prevention regarding soil degradation by water erosion

There was searched in the project NAZV QH72203, a size of acceptable environmentally friendly technologies and measures in agricultural land that are used and possible for present agricultural practice. In a frame of questionnaire research there were addressed 59 farmers that were selected according to GIS analyze in the river basins Bečva, Opava, Morava. The main target groups of the introduced project are advisors in agriculture, agricultural practice, but as well as general public. There is presented a part of the results from the questionnaire research that concerns to landscape elements. The research results present at least a partial vision, what kind of farmer´s experiences they have with erosion on their parcels, what sorts of solution they are looking for its degradation and how they evaluated each agricultural measure against water erosion.

Trantinová, M.

Studia Oecologica, Vol. V, Issue 1, August 2011, ISSN 1802-212X

The whole text is on the website UJEP FZP - Studia Oecologica 1/2011 , p. 19-27 (text in Czech only).

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