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National projects and/or subsidy - year 2013

Project No.: TA01021220

Project title:

Model Farm-5 - Consulting simulation optimization system for the optimal behaviour of agricultural enterprises in relation to the sustainability of agriculture and agricultural technology-friendly environment with links to geographic information system (Trantinová)


Technology Agency of the CR


January 2011 - December 2014


Ing. Marie Trantinová, Ph.D.


RNDr. Ivan Foltýn, CSc., doc. Ing. Miloš Zapletal, Dr., Mgr. Přemysl Pavka, Ing. Lubomír Smrček (EKOTOXA)

Timetable in 2013:

Module 3: A development of the erosion model ERO-1.

The model will evaluate the level of water erosion on agricultural land of holdings. It will be possible assess in more variants. Evaluation results are based on data from the evidence of agricultural land (LPIS) and other available data of soil categorization, which are processed in the GIS.

Basic entering data for model ERO-1 are rain factor, land slope, soil type, crop on arable land, soil texture, applied measures which are located on land blocks.

The stage will be addressed problem areas:

Creation of the catalog of erosion control measures and selection for the case holdings

Evaluation of area and linear measures

Assessment measures under GAEC and agri-environmental measures

Reduction of soil loss in different variants for subsequent processing model FARMA-5

Technical description and cartographic output stage ERO-1

Further development of the model DEP-1 and connection models DEP-1 and ERO-1 in the base model FARMA-5.

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