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National projects and/or subsidy - year 2013

Project No.: SOZ/10305/6306/2013/1

Project title:

WHO campaign - 5 clues to safe alimentation, hygiene in food handling and healthy nutrition (Beránková)


Ministry of Health


1.1.2013 - 31.12.2013


Mgr. Jana Beránková


Mgr. Dana Hrnčířová, Ph.D. (Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University), Mgr. Lukáš Čermák (Civil Society Organization „We and Children“), TEREZA Association (Lector of educational program „I eat healthily and with appetite“)


Information campaign on the principles of healthy nutrition, healthy eating, hygiene rules for food handling and prevention of diseases and food poisoning (as recommended by WHO) for selected target groups. The target groups are: kindergarten children and their pedagogical supervision, primary school students and their teachers, secondary school students and teachers thematically relevant items.

Timetable in 2013:

Kindergarten children and their teacher-supervisor: 15 teaching performance in selected preschools.

Dates: May to November 2013

Primary school pupils and teachers (second and third class): 10 educational programs in selected school facilities.

Dates: May to November 2013

Pupils primary school (sixth to ninth class), secondary school students, teachers: the website, including educational program „Nutrition in health education“ and matching interactive workbooks. During the project website will be updated with 10 new articles and 12 illustrations. The project will be promoted throughout 2013, will be distributed publication „You know what you eat?“.

Dates: January to December 2013

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