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Bulletin - year 2013


The Structure of Organic Farming in the Czech Republic According to the Community Typology for Agricultural Holdings

The report describes the structure of Czech organic farms based on the European Commission classification system. The Community typology is used for homogenous classification of agricultural holdings by economic size and type of farming.

Praha: ÚZEI, 2013, 21 p.

Slížka, E., Dubec, J., Kostlivý, V., Hosová M. (September 2013)


International comparison of costs and benefits of selected agricultural commodities

The report compares costs and revenues of main agricultural commodities within the European Union and selected world producers. International networks of agricultural commodities are based on standardised methodology and results from these networks are comparable across different countries.

Praha: ÚZEI, 2013, 24 p.

Janotová, B., Boudný, J. (May 2012)


What can a new definition of less favored areas mean for the Czech Republic

Information about upcoming changes in supports for less-favored areas (LFA) in the next programming period.

Praha: ÚZEI, 2013, 21 p.

Štolbová, M., Kučera, J. (May 2013)


Current development of domestic market

The paper brings the latest information from the study Shopping Monitor 2013, prepared with the scope of a joint project INCOMA GfK. It presents selected characteristics of shopping behavior of the Czech population, focusing on finding current shopping habits, on monitoring satisfaction with shopping conditions and preferences when selecting particular shopping place.

Praha: ÚZEI, 2013, 14 p.

Štiková, O. (February 2013)

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