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National projects and/or subsidy - year 2014

Project No.: 13-40212S

Project title:

Re-inventing the rural in the post-1989 Czech Republic (Doucha)


Czech Science Foundation


February 2013 - December 2014


doc. Ing. Tomáš Doucha, CSc.


Mgr. Pavel Pospěch, Ph.D., PhDr. Daniela Spěšná, Bc. Miloš Delín, Ing. Jan Drlík, Ing. et Ing. František Nohel, DiS.

Timetable in 2014:

The following project activities are to be carried out in 2014:

Project phase III: Re-inventing of the rural

  • Activity A9: Discursive analysis, stage II.
  • Activity A10: How the rural is used in marketing
    • interviews
    • data analysis
  • Activity A11: The construction of the rural in regional product marketing
    • data collection
    • document analysis
    • visual data analysis

Project phase IV: Final analyses and conclusions

  • Activity A12: Final analyses and preparing results for publication
  • Activity A13: Book preparation
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