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Internal research projects - year 2014

Project No.: 1283

Project title:

Evaluation of the efficiency of national grants focused on establishments of groups of producers (Abrahamová)

Head of project:

Ing. Miluše Abrahamová


RNDr. Pavel Froněk, CSc., Mgr. Jiří Pokorný, Ing. Hana Baudisová, Ing. Josefína Menzlová, Ing. Petr Novotný, Mgr. Jana Teichmanová, Václava Peřinová


The main aim is to evaluate the usefulness of grants financed from national resources focused on facilitation of establishments of groups of producers and given in years 2006-2012.
Partial aims:

  • Analysis of data and materials concerning groups of producers that were subsidized in the Czech Republic in 2006-2011 generally as well as for individual commodities (legal forms of these groups, no. of members, sold production, value of the grants).
  • Evaluation of work of subsidized groups of producers after the end of subsidizing period (for all groups in total, by individual commodities).
  • Creation of a supplementary questionnaire for respondents from randomly chosen subsidized groups of producers with an emphasis on the efficiency of the grant.

Methodology, assumptions, sources:

The methods used for the evaluation will bet he following:

  • Methods of descriptive statistics.
  • Proportional random choice method for a survey and related methods for evaluation of its results.

Outputs and their use:

  • Article in a reviewed journal.
  • Presentation at a seminar.
  • Application for the outcomes of the IAEI (thematic tasks) focused primarily on enhancing the role of primary producers in the vertical of distribution of products.
  • Utilization for next decision-making on the formation of agricultural policy.
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