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Internal research projects - year 2014

Project No.: 1290

Project title:

Trends in the food market, food support system and the financial health of the food industry (Mezera)

Head of project:

JUDr. Ing. Josef Mezera, CSc.


Ing. Ilona Mrhálková, Ing. Roman Němec, Ing. Martin Hruška, Ing. Karina Pohlová, Ing. Helena Sekavová, Ing. Jindřich Špička, Ph.D., Ing. Olga Štiková


Analysis of trends in the food market and their development, evaluation of support system performance, productivity and effectiveness of selected groups of food enterprises.

  • Target 1: Based on the detailed analysis performed on the prediction of the food market, especially in terms of development and changes in demand for differentiated market; assess the development of trade on EU food market and with other countries.
  • Target 2: Assessment of food support system from EU funds and national resources - taking into account the new programming period.
  • Target 3: Assessment of performance, productivity and effectiveness of selected food companies and finding successful types of firms.
  • Solving the project will answer the following questions:
    • The food sector responds to market trends?
    • They are effectively allocated the funds expended to support?
    • There are a group of food companies that even with the growing competition in the next period successful?

Methodology, assumptions, sources:

To fulfillment the main and sub-targets will be used adequate methods. In the market area, will be performed a comprehensive analysis of consumption, consumer prices, development of internal trade, foreign trade, the impact of proper nutrition (nutritional development trends) incl. international comparison, the development of differentiated nutrition by social and income groups and the development of consumer food quality. Furthermore, it will be performed the prediction of future developments, in particular the differentiation of demand and the possibility of applying of a Czech products on the market (under what circumstances).
The market within the EU and with third countries will be analyzed in terms of commodities and territorial opportunities. To assess competitiveness will be used RCA index. For analytical purposes, the domestic market will be utilized available data sources mainly from the survey CZSO (consumer prices, consumption, family accounts and other data) and also Shopping monitor (business development).
The rating of support system will be based on the resources provided by institutions that carry out their administration.
It will also be used structured interviews with businesses that are involved in the aid, respectively. of them aspire to establish qualitative aspects associated with the filing and handling. Furthermore, it will be performed the analysis of time series of economic indicators to determine the trend of employment, productivity and efficiency. It also will carry out an international comparison of the Czech Republic mainly Slovakia and Hungary following the international projects as the EU as a whole.
Attention will be focused on the successful types of food companies.
In the case of obtaining the required data file will be used counterfactual analysis, respectively. the position of the business can be considered a credible bankruptcy models adapted for the food sector of the Czech Republic.
The research will be completed partial analysis in different areas and total synthesis allow to draw conclusions for further research and especially key recommendations for decision sphere in the context of the next departmental food and economic policy.

Outputs and their use:

  • Article in a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the issue of the food market.
  • Article in the press on the issue of subsidies for food.
  • Article in a scientific journal devoted to the economics and productivity of the food sector, respectively the contribution in the proceeding?
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