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2014-2015 ECVET – STEP

ECVET – STEP: ECVET for Strengthening Training to Employment Pathways

Project No.:


Grant Agreement No: 2013 – 3865 / 001 001


Lifelong Learning Programme – Development of Inovation – Leonardo da Vinci


2 years

Start: January 2014, End: December 2015


Technological Educational Institute of Athens (TEIA), Greece

Project partners:

UDE (Germany), UAH (Spain), EUM (Belgium), AOC Raad (Netherlands), ÚZEI (Czech Republic), CAFS (Slovenia), INEA (Spain)

Responsible person:

Mgr. Pavel Sládek, Ph.D.

Other investigators:

Mgr. Patrik Rymeš, Ing. Andrea Pekárková


The project focuses on the development of the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) by means of the Capability Maturity Framework (CMF) which allow, within the area of agriculture, not only organizations dealing with vocational training, as well as other links in the chain of vocational education in the EU area, understand and get the benefits of ECVET and also incorporate this system into their processes. With a view to facilitating the adoption of ECVET is one of the objectives of the project to create access models and develop shareable and reusable units of learning outcomes (RULOs) which will include a description of part of the qualification, including a comprehensive set of knowledge, skills and competencies that can be collected, assessed and evaluated in accordance with specific rules, criteria and credits.



WP1: Analysis of agriculture learning mobility in VET

WP2: Development of the ECVET Capability Maturity Framework

WP3: Reusable Units of Learning Outcomes for ECVET instruments

WP4: Development of ECVET – STEP Online Services

WP6: Dissemination


WP5: Pilot Testing and Evaluation

WP6: Dissemination

WP7: Exploitation


This project has been funded with support from European Commission.

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