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2014-2016 TOL: Taste of Life, regional healthy food in schools

TOL: Taste of Life, regional healthy food in schools

Project No.:



Programme Erasmus+


2 years


Mgr. Pavel Sládek, Ph.D.


Ing. Andrea Pekárková


The project is focused on a combination of healthy and regional food in schools, combined with an educational program. Childhood and adolescence is a critical period for diets of high nutritional quality as the psychological need for nutrients is high relative to energy needs. In addition, many core eating habits and behavioral patterns are developed that persist throughout adulthood.
Schools can provide an important opportunity for prevention, because they provide the most effective method of reaching large numbers of people, including youth, school staff, families and community members. Healthy food and improved nutrition should be a high priority on every school agenda because of the positive affect on child well-being, and subsequent enhanced learning ability and academic performance.
Part of the project is to survey the situation in each of the partner countries, to find examples of good practice and writing a manual, drafting a Training Manual, the creation of local working group and, at the end of the project, the implementation of seminars for the public to disseminate examples of good practice.

This project has been funded with support from European Commission.



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