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Studies - year 2016

No. 113

Czech Agrarian Foreign Trade Yearbook 2015

The “2015 Yearbook of Czech agricultural foreign trade" is an analysis of the development of Czech trade both with third (i.e. non-EU) countries and trade in the single market with other EU members. It is evaluated from territorial and commodity perspectives and a distinction is made between unprocessed and processed products. Context links to developments in general EU agricultural trade developments and we document shares of agricultural trade in the total trade of the Czech Republic. Competitiveness is assessed from indexes of Revealed comparative advantage (RCA). Data on foreign trade come from the Czech Statistical Office and Eurostat. Time series cover the period of 2010–2015 predominantly.

POHLOVÁ, K., BŘÍŠKOVÁ, M. Ročenka agrárního zahraničního obchodu ČR za rok 2015.

(Czech Agrarian Foreign Trade Yearbook 2015).

Information study.

Praha: ÚZEI, 2016, ISBN 978-80-7271-221-2

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