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Internal research projects - year 2016

Project No.: 1253

Project title:

Developing a systematic procedure for applicants from operations 16.6.1. Horizontal and vertical cooperation in the provision of sustainable biomass for energy production, food production and industrial processes in the RDP 2014-2020 (Nesňal)

Responsible solver:

Ing. Zdeněk Nesňal

Aim of the project:

Phase I - Case study

  1. A cooperation project development based on the selection of real existing entities from practice.
  2. Analysis of the relationships between these entities and setting up co-operation in the provision and use of local biomass resources.
  3. Business plan, economic feasibility studies and other relevant documentation relating to the provision and use of local biomass resources development, as well as cooperation contracts between stakeholders.

Phase II - Generalization and methodology development

  1. Generalization of the case study for the purpose of certified methodology creation.

Summary of the project:

Internal development project dealt with developing a systematic procedure for the establishment of the cooperation of at least two operators on setting the sustainable supply and use of local biomass resources (not applicable to achieving and maintaining purposefully grown biomass) in production of energy, food and industrial processes. Content of methodical procedure is a case study that focuses on the establishment of the project and coordination of cooperating entities to analyze the relationship between the actors and set up cooperation in the provision and use of local biomass resources. As part of the development project was a model study, business plan, economic feasibility study and other relevant documentation related to the provision and use of local biomass resources. The study of economic efficiency at the same time takes into account the possibility of drawing investment subsidies from the RDP, OPE OPPIK and possibly other sources. Furthermore, in the context of a development project, a model agreement on cooperation of entities is involved. Subsequently, the results of these activities will be generalized in order to create certified methodology. Analysis of the listed activities will help to increase communication between stakeholders in rural areas, to achieve savings in the implementation of joint activities and to reduce the fragmentation of rural areas.

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