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Internal research projects - year 2016

Project No.: 1286

Project title:

Second housing and its role in rural development (Pospěch, Delín)

Responsible solver:

Mgr. Miloslav Delín (until 31. 8. 2016 Mgr. Pavel Pospěch, Ph.D.)

Aim of the project:

To analyze the role of second housing in Czech rural development

  • What are the mutual perceptions and expectations of rural locals and newcomers?
  • What are these groups' views of rural development?
  • How do these groups contribute to the development of their municipalities?

Summary of the project:

The phenomenon of second homes, mainly staying in weekend cottages is very widespread and creates one of the specifics of the Czech countryside in a European context. Genesis and extension of this phenomenon comes from post-war period and is related mainly to the changes in rural settlements (especially with the expulsion of the Germans), with changes in the labour market (changing needs of agricultural production, shortening of the working week) and lifestyle.
Contrary to the expectations important role of second homes in the countryside persisted until present days. Second housing structure significantly affects to make a geographic profile of rural areas needs and of its users in a specific way developing the rural economy, especially in services to leisure consumption. Finally, the kind of housing is also one of the essential factors that influences – both positive and negative sense – the possibilities for rural development.
The aim of this project is to map the second housing in rural development. The analysis focuses on the interface between rural communities and users of second housing: What are their mutual expectations, how to build the development of their community as they contribute to it? To answer these questions, we used a combination of qualitative (interview) and quantitative (survey) methods.

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