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Internal research projects - year 2016

Project No.: 1295

Project title:

Technical efficiency of organic farms (Kostlivý)

Responsible solver:

Ing. Vladimír Kostlivý, Dr.

Aim of the project:

Assessment of technical efficiency organic farms in comparison with companies of the same group of companies as well as conventional farming without pre-determining the expected production frontier. Effectiveness of each company (production units) will be determined using data from a representative sample generated in the IVP 1295/2015 and for each year from 2011 to 2015.

Summary of the project:

The report presents the results of the analysis of the development of productivity and technical efficiency of enterprises from FADN survey for the period 2011 - 2015 with a focus on organic farming. To analyse the changes, as determined by the DEA Malmquist, the total factor productivity (TFP) was used, which was conducted on a sample of panel data for 440 farms representing enterprises with livestock production, of which 114 are in organic farming.
The project develops and offers a view of the productivity and effectiveness in many aspects (farming method, type of farming, economic size) and during the five-year period (2011-2015). The results show very little difference in technical performance between compared groups of farms and the relatively insignificant changes in time. Estimated TFP does not indicate fundamentally significant growth or significant differentiation between holdings.
Principles of organic farming prefer environment friendly approaches to sustainability and other non-productive functions. Differences between the group of farms with positive and negative TFP developments are given by values of total utilized agricultural area, total production, livestock production, subsidies and by value of FNVA / AWU.
Results are a contribution to discussions on the development of the competitiveness of organic agriculture and as a complement of submitted and presented the FADN survey results.

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