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Internal projects - year 2017

Project No.: 1110

Project title:

Model simulations and predictions of the agrarian sector with a focus on monitoring the behavior of business formats and consumer demand, internal development projects (Foltýn)

Responsible solver:

RNDr. Ivan Foltýn, CSc.

Aim of the project:

  1. Permanent enhancement of the AGRO-2014 model along with price transmissions of all model sections.
  2. Special attention will be given to the inspection, finalization and analysis of the food industry.
  3. Modeling the economic development of the agrarian sector using the AGRO-2014 model following the regular prediction of profitability of agricultural commodities.
  4. Regular monitoring of current market trends and consumer demand for selected foods based on GfK data, AC Nielsen following the modeling of the agrarian sector (point 1).
  5. Regular evaluation of the economic regularity of the functioning of the agricultural and food commodity market (domestic producers vs. foreign competitors).
  6. Detect any un-fair practices on the Czech market if they exist according to sales formats using original mathematical methods, models and procedures.
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