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Internal projects - year 2017

Project No.: 1112

Project title:

Processing the spatial data acquisition procedure from the Register of Territorial Identification, Address and Real Estate (RÚIAN), internal support projects (Kučera)

Responsible solver:

Ing. Jakub Kučera

Aim of the project:

To acquire the skills for extracting the spatial data base of RÚIAN for the purposes of the activities of the Institute.The project will focus on how to get data on how to create a specific map layer from this broad dataset, it will be tested on the example of a layer of agricultural land fund. The aggregated acreage of agricultural land obtained from the RÚIAN data will be compared with the currently used database of types of land provided by Czech Office of Surveying and Cadastre. Primarily, the data will be tested in a smaller area with a prospect to processing the whole extent of the Czech Republic. GIS tools (both currently used and free SW), database tools and specialized scripts will be used within the project.

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