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Internal projects - year 2017

Project No.: 1117

Project title:

The role of agroholdings in the Czech agriculture, internal research projects (Jelínek)

Responsible solver:

Ing. Ladislav Jelínek, Ph.D.

Aim of the project:

Agroholdings in the Czech Republic have become important economic structures in agriculture and up- and down-stream sectors. These holdings, operating more than one million hectares of land have continuously grown and are getting powerful economic position that enables them also strong political influence. In this one-year project we aim to quantify the current ownership structures in the Czech agriculture to understand their economic potential strength, particularly in local but also in national scale. Besides, we will study their corporate social responsibility and how the impact on local environment is perceived by the local stakeholders. Driving forces that stimulate and enable them to grow as well as risks associated with the large agricultural corporations (i.e. moral hazard inside the holdings) will be drawn to see the broader future perspective of such business forms in agriculture and related food and other sectors.

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