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Internal projects - year 2017

Project No.: 1113

Project title:

Young farmers in the Czech Republic, internal research projects (Pechrová)

Responsible solver:

Ing. Marie Pechrová, Ph.D.

Aim of the project:

To analyze factors that affect the number of young farmers (managers) in the sector. Firstly, the development of the age structure of agricultural workers with a focus on agricultural managers will be described. Then, the projected future age structure of agricultural managers will be modeled in the most likely scenario. In addition, the support provided to young farmers under the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union under the first pillar, and in particular the Rural Development Program, will be analyzed. A questionnaire survey will be carried out to investigate the motivation of young farmers to enter the sector and to find barriers why it is difficult for young farmers to start farming. Secondary and primary research are foreseen - specifically questionnaire survey on selected sample of young agricultural entrepreneurs and managers in the Czech Republic. This year is forseen the assembling of the questionnaire and sampling (beneficiaries of subsidies for young farmers from the Rural Development Program) with possible pilotage.

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