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Advisory Service and Education

  • Is responsible for methodology, accreditation and monitoring activities in the advisory system (Farm Advisory Service) of MoA.
  • Collaborates in the creation of strategic and policy guidance of the departmental material.
  • At all stages of the advisory system, there are methodological and educational activities.
  • Is responsible for development of educational programs in the projects for the state administration of MoA and harmonization of education for private agricultural and forestry consultants kept in the Registry of MoA.
  • Provides training and educational needs analysis processing of selected target groups in the sector. Educational projects, processes, methodologies for teaching subjects in schools, training bases and permanent teaching materials for creating e-learning courses.
  • The Department had direct support for activities in consultancy and training. It ensures the coordination and production of targeted publications, print and digital materials and studies.
  • Implements he editor and publisher of the magazine ”Zemědělská Pôdohospodárska škola”.
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